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This Friday is our CREO Carnival!

Our CREO students will be putting on different activities and games. This is open for all sites, parents, friends, & neighbours to come participate and raise money for CREO Camp on November 10-13.

Activities were assigned to students at CREO this past Friday. If your teenager wasn't in attendance or isn't sure where they're supposed to go, no to worry! They can join in with their small group and help wherever is needed!

We are also still looking for baked goods to sell at the carnival - if you would like to donate any (nut-free) items, please drop them off at our Mt. Pleasant site before Friday night!

We've asked teenagers to arrive at 6:45 PM on Friday through Entrance C (front entrance) to help us get ready! We can't wait for all the fun (I heard I'm getting a pie in the face... so maybe I can wait a little).


This past Friday, we discussed the importance of reading and understanding the Bible in the context it's written. I'm as guilty as anyone of defaulting to thinking very concretely when reading Scripture. As a result, I might take things in Bible quite literally, even when that's its original intention. Looking for context, or finding more of the story, won’t always come naturally, but it will help make the Bible clearer. Thank you for trusting us with your teenagers as we learn together!

Looking forward to a great fundraiser!

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