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Last weekend was CREO Camp!

If your teenager came along and is anything like us, they're probably still recovering.

We had an incredible weekend playing, learning, and growing together.

The morning before we left we asked our students to write out their highlights/what they learned. Here are a few:

"Being there for someone is more important than having the right words to say"

"Your mental health struggles aren't because of your sin"

"I don't have to do it alone"

"I loved the candy"

We deeply appreciate the support from our families this past weekend, including those who weren't present in the room. The future of Tenth Church is in GREAT hands!

This coming Friday (November 17th) we'll be reflecting and celebrating on the the past weekend. Even if your teenager wasn't in attendance, it would still be a great conversation about our mental health and community and their presence would be a valuable addition!


We also wanted to make you aware of Energy in Motion. An emotions workshop with Dr. Hillary McBride!

We all hold emotions inside our bodies in different ways. Emotions are literally energy in motion. When we stilt them from moving through our bodies, we can build some unhealthy and unhelpful responses. So, how do we recognize them, name them, and express them so they do not stay stored within us? Join us on November 16 from 7-9PM as Dr. Hillary McBride helps us learn how to practice letting our emotions have space and energy to move.

Tickets are available for $15 in-person or $20 online. Use the code TENTH to get $10 off your ticket!

This workshop is specifically designed for teenagers & young adults and fits in so well with our conversations from Camp and church-wide. We hope you're able to join us!