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Registration for CREO Camp has officially opened!

CREO Camp is a highlight of our ministry year, and we're excited about all this weekend holds for all of us. You can watch the video above for more information!

You can register at

The resources required to pull off a weekend like this can be massive. To offset some of the cost we have a few different opportunities for our community to support financially:

We can't wait to see what God has in store for CREO Camp!


CREO is starting a brand new series this Friday we're calling Table of Context. For many, the Bible just seems to cause more confusion than clarity. Often this confusion is amplified for teenagers. They’re already in a phase of asking questions, expressing doubts, and wrestling with the idea of faith. So, how can they begin to make sense of the Bible and its context? This series will serve as a guide to help your teenager understand how the ancient words of the Bible connect to their modern everyday lives.

It all starts this Friday from 7-9 PM!

CREO is all about creating spaces for students to discover Christ in belonging, identity, and purpose. Follow @creoyouth on Instagram or visit for updates.