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We're so close to the start of CREO Camp!

We've been busy putting details together and can't wait for an incredible weekend!

For November, CREO is joining the larger Tenth community in a conversation on mental health with a series we're calling Everything, Everywhere

Pastor Earlene will be starting us off this coming Friday by talking about stress and how we can go to God with them. Our goal is to also help us recognize that we are gifted and equipped to be there for each other when life feels like a lot!

This conversation will lead us into CREO Camp as we'll have deeper conversations around our experiences with mental health & mental illness. Topics for the weekend include separating our mental health from our identity, and how to follow Jesus while experiencing depression, anxiety, & suicidal ideation.

Regardless of if your teenager is coming to CREO Camp this weekend or not, we're thankful for the trust you've put in us with your family.

In the meantime, looking forward to a great Friday!

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