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The Tenth Avenue Community Food Market opened its doors to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood for the very first time on January 10, 2023. Open every other Tuesday from 11am-2pm, this affordable market provides food at a low cost, a safe place to purchase it, and people to share it with. 

Why a community food market?
When you ask someone what it feels like to be poor, they may say they feel inferior, powerless, less than human, and that they cannot change their life. Charitable acts which reinforce the divide between helpers and the helped can make the one who receives help feel less than the one who offers help. Community food markets, however, as simple as they may be, help alleviate these negative feelings and help to reduce social and economic poverty.

An important part of food security is the ability to obtain food with dignity - this is the heart of the Market. It's a place where people can come together, volunteer, and feel as though they are part of a community, a place where they belong. People at the market can feel a sense of equality as they can pay for some of their items and have a choice over the food they bring home.

Who shops at the Market?
People just like you. We have welcomed people from all backgrounds these past few market days. Some who live in homes, some who don't have a place to call home. Some who were born and raised in Canada, and some who have been displaced from another country. Some who are retired, while others who are in between jobs. Everyone is welcome to the Market to pick up some fresh produce and enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry around a table!

Thank you, Tenth Church, for your prayers leading up to the launch, for your faithful generosity in giving, and for your passion in serving. 

If you're interested in serving, we'd love to meet you! Visit to learn more!