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At Tenth East Van, we do life together in "Missional Communities" (MCs). We are groups of people who gather regularly to explore how faith in Jesus leads us to love God, care for one another and love their neighbourhood.

MC’s eat together, talk about the challenges of life, listen to the scriptures and discuss how this might make a difference where they live and work. Some MC’s focus on a particular geographic location (ie. a South Vancouver neighbourhood, the building where they live), while others may focus on a specific group of people they feel called to love and serve (ie. those involved with/affected by human trafficking, refugees, at-risk youth, seniors).

MC’s seek to embody the posture, tone, motives, and heart of Jesus. They are his representatives in that place. 

At East Van, the heart behind what we do is captured in our Bless Guide.

We currently have 7 Missional Communities:

A leader or group member from each MC attended Mike and Sally Breen’s training, learning how to better become families of Christ-followers on mission. The South Burnaby MC was commissioned during Tenth East Van service; their mission is to support and pray for one another as they meet and befriend new neighbours and as they reach out individually to refugees and corporately through their partnership with Journey Home.

The South Van MC hosted parties on major holidays, inviting newcomers to Canada, friends, neighbours and East Van folk.

Along with nurturing community around the table, the Kingsway MC is taking REED’s “Intelligent Love” course, and they promoted and hosted the film Over 18,  educating parents on accessibility of kids to pornography and porn addiction.

Every other month, the Chinatown MC continues to make and eat dinner with Kinbrace refugee claimants and alumni community, and MC members regularly reach out through hospitality in their condos and on their streets.

The Main Street MC is experimenting by making and eating dinner with Creative Life young adults in the DTES, and the group is changing their predictable patterns, so 21st Ave. E. neighbours and Main St. friends can connect every week.

The Mountainview MC is connected to Inner Hope at-risk youth through two volunteers in their MC family, and they pray for their neighbourhoods and connections through their school age children.  Seniors in care and elderly friends are blessed by Continue the Legacy MC.