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Meeting my Soul Trio friends was a unique experience. We didn’t meet at work, school, or church service. Instead, we were grouped together by the Soul Trio team. I remember they told us that they had been praying for every one of us, and I believe that it was God’s intention to put us together on this journey. 

Over the course of our monthly meetings, not only did we get to share our lives through dinners and get-togethers, but we also built a beautiful and genuine spiritual friendship through structured group spiritual direction. 

One of the key characteristics in our spiritual direction time was that we were received without judgement. My soul trios would listen and reflect on what I had shared without giving suggestions or trying to solve my problems. The set of questions we were given set us free from the pressure of asking the right questions and of solving each other’s problems. On many occasions, their active listening, their ability to hold space and silence, and their choice of questions made me feel God’s presence and feel His nudges in my heart.

The structure of our meetings are very simple and it’s the same every time, yet our experiences are beautifully unique each time. This structure not only allows our spiritual friendships to flourish, but my soul is also nourished and satisfied with God’s presence and the care and love from my soul friends. 

We meet monthly and this schedule keeps us accountable with each other. Our meeting is not about accomplishment or competition but instead, it is about blessing each other’s soul with the knowledge that we are not walking on this pilgrimage alone. Our friendship is not based on life circumstances, but the soul journey we walk together. It is a blessing to journey with two beautiful souls. I am so grateful for them and I believe these friendships will continue to flourish as we walk together as Soul Trios. 

- Janice

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