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Although staying connected with others may look different for many of us during this season, I am deeply thankful for the consistency and genuineness of my spiritual companions at Tenth.

I have been part of a Soul Trio for almost three years now and continue to be amazed at how significantly this experience has impacted my life. The members of my Soul Trio are true spiritual companions on my journey. We listen deeply to one another, embrace the gift of silence, and gently guide one another to be attune to God’s voice and promptings. It is a truly mutual experience that continually draws me closer to fully experiencing God’s unconditional love for me, along with His grace and patience on my journey.

My spiritual friendships at Tenth - whether formed through my time in a Life Group, my participation in various courses, or through my Soul Trio - provide me with light amidst darkness, rest amidst busyness, and calm amidst uncertainty. It is a gift to journey alongside these companions as we continue to develop a deeper relationship with God.

- Kirsten Ickert

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