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As a busy first-year student, I was often consumed with assignments and studying, but joining Alpha was easily the best decision I made that term!

It quickly became a highlight of my week and I found myself rewatching the videos in my free time. At the time, I was actively seeking a community where I could casually explore and ask questions about faith, and Alpha seemed like the perfect place. Since high school, I heard great things about this program, so I decided to join. Not only did I make new friends here, but I also invited other peers and our friendships grew even deeper! Going to a secular university, it’s often hard to stand firm in my faith on campus. But knowing so many believers were surrounding me was comforting and gave me hope. The biggest impact of this experience was finding and meeting so many amazing people with different backgrounds I would’ve otherwise never connected with, and making lifelong connections with them! Alpha is an encouraging, welcoming and safe place to ask questions about faith (and we’ve all got questions).

- Rynn Zhang

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