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When Soul Trios was announced during our Tenth Kits Zoom call, something in me said, “that would be good for you.” At the same time, two faces in two different Zoom squares caught my attention. I did nothing with what I had sensed that morning, but later that day I received an email from one of those Zoom squares, asking if I would like to be in a Soul Trio with her! Then, as I reached out to the other person whose face had popped out that day, she shared how she’d also sensed an invitation into this and had asked God to make it a reality. And so, our trio was formed, through what we each sense, was a clear invitation from God.

For the past few months, it has been a real joy for me to listen alongside two other women who have both been following Jesus for many more decades than me, but who still long to hear God speak into their everyday circumstances. I have found spending intentional time to be quiet, to attend to God, others and myself to be deeply life-giving. Doing this with other people has forced me to articulate aloud, that which may have otherwise only been an internal conversation. There’s something good about hearing words of truth, hope and life spoken aloud, and my Soul Trio is a place where such words are heard and shared, and a space in which I am able to hear the voice of Jesus more clearly.

- Claire Perini

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