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I love Tenth Church.  I am excited about how God is calling this faith community to share the love of God with Vancouver and beyond in tangible ways.  But Tenth Church isn’t just an organization or a great idea.  We can only do what God calling us to do because of an army of faithful and committed volunteers that connect the reality of God with the opportunities around us.

This week, I want to highlight one particular volunteer in our Tenth Church community.  Meet Gail Chung, who serves as a Life Group Leader, Connections Team Greeter, Communion Team Server, and Alpha Host.  

Andrew: What do you enjoy most about serving?

Gail: I enjoy the sense of community— like I belong and am a part of something great. I love meeting new and interesting people and of course, making new friends. One can never have enough friends!

Andrew: Where have you seen God work as you serve?

Gail: God is present in EVERY PLACE I serve whether it be in Life Group, Connections Team, Communion Team, or Alpha. The most amazing thing is seeing how God can use someone like me — shy, quiet, introverted, insignificant, and broken — to do great things for Him, things I never thought I could do.

Andrew: How have you grown through serving?

Gail: I have a better understanding of God's character through intentionally participating in His work. Serving gives me the opportunity to see Him work through others as well as in myself. Serving has stretched my faith, especially when I am called to do something outside my comfort zone. My utmost dependence and reliance on God has given me a closer and more intimate relationship with Him. I can now trust Him completely with everything in my life because I know His character.  


When our lives are joined to Jesus, we find that we also are enlisted in His mission to share God’s love with those around us.  One of the best ways of discovering your gifts and finding community is by serving.  Could God be inviting you to take that step?  Check out the opportunities to volunteer on our Volunteer Directory.

Not sure where you can help? Let us know about your interest. Or, I’d love to chat with you about finding a place for you to serve.

Don’t just go to church.  Be the church.