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Two Thursdays ago, a guest at Kits Cares Café gave me a bottle of hand-pressed olive oil. She is from Greece and said that it was the best olive oil you could get. I was honoured to have received such a gift!

Last Thursday, while I was sitting at a picnic table during Kits Cares, the same guest approached me, and we started talking about the best kinds and uses of olive oil. Soon another lady joined the discussion, and we exchanged ideas and spoke of travel, food, and good times. These short moments of conversation and exchange are the unseen benefits of Kits Cares Café. We hope to foster a positive community, helping people feel full, calm, seen, and alive. 

I told some Kits Cares guests that I was writing a newsletter post and asked them if there was anything they wanted to say about Kits Cares. 

They said this:

“Thank you for being so nice to us!”

“Excellent! Everyone is so nice and charming. What you are doing is awesome.”

“Without Kits Cares Café, I would have struggled with affordable food. They are open to everyone regardless of class, creed, etc. … Thank you!"

“Kits Cares is awesome. They not only provide supplemental food. They create a community that is open and kind.”

“Very generous and gracious hospitality!”

“[Some] of the best, [most] helpful people I have ever known, very friendly in every way.” 

Since 2018, Kits Cares Café has been gathering to address hunger and social isolation in the Spirit of Christ. To learn more and to serve, visit To support our mission, please give at and select "Kits Cares Café."