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Want to dedicate your child? Attend one of our orientation classes for parents to prepare you for child dedication. At Parents' First Steps, we will cover:

  • What is child dedication?
  • How do I raise my kids to follow God?
  • What does the church have to do with raising my kids?
  • Does the Bible talk about parenting?

Children are a gift from God and Child Dedication allows parents to consider how they are going to lead their child and teach their child about what really matters in life. At Tenth, Child Dedication is not about an infant baptism. It’s not about an event. It’s not about a ceremony. It is a public declaration of the parents’ commitment to put God first in their home, trust Him for their child’s future and invite their faith community in that endeavour.

With that in mind, parents interested in having their child dedicated at Tenth Church are expected to have the following commitments as they dedicate their child:

  1. A willingness to model a life of growing trust in Jesus in their own lives
  2. Regular participation at Tenth Church as their home faith community
  3. Attendance at a 45-minute orientation for parents: Parents' First Steps