Launch Deep- July 5, 2020

Discussion Questions  

Text: Luke 5:1-7  

Icebreaker What are some decisions, actions, or ways of life that would be considered counter-cultural or against-logic to your family of origin or culture?  

Questions Read Luke 5:1-7

1)According to brain studies, as we age, we use more of the right side of our brain and make “logical” decisions based on our personal and previous experiences. What is a rule of thumb, motto, or principle that you have developed during your life that you consistently apply or from which you make decisions?  

2)What are some scriptures that give greater depth or meaning to your answer to the previous question? (If you do not have a specific scripture you can cite, please either try to look one up or ask someone in the group to help you find one).  

3)Abraham Maslow however said that “If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” We create mottos/principles because it makes life easier. Buying and learning to use another tool can be costly. We can also choose certain verses, passages, or stories in the Bible to remember and focus on and neglect seemingly contrary ones.  

Can you think of a time when your hammer didn’t work for you--- a time when you did something based on your experiences and selective scriptures, when you should have done something differently? Share with the group that experience. What would you have done differently?  

4)In our story, Peter does not know who Jesus is, really. They have just met. Despite that, Peter followed the advice of someone he had no reason to---a carpenter/rabbi, on a topic he was an “expert” on---fishing.  

Like Peter, you are an expert at something---your life. Unlike Peter, wherever you are on your journey of faith, you know more than this current Peter. You know that Jesus is God-incarnate, the master of life--- who knows how to truly succeed at and flourish in life.

However, Jesus didn’t have a job like you do, or have a family, or dated. Jesus’ experiences and life are quite far from our modern day “norm.” Yet Jesus knows more about how you should live and what you should do than you. He’s a better fisherman than Peter, and he’s a better you, than you. How does that make you feel and how might that take shape in your life?  

5)Most if not all Christians say, “If God clearly told me to do ______, I would do it.” Many atheists say, “If God would clearly show up, I would believe.” As a result, most people continue living the way they are used to or want to. What would it take aside from a miracle or God’s clear and audible voice, for you to make a counter-intuitive change/decision like Peter made?  

6)What is God calling you to do? What counter-intuitive decision may Jesus be calling you to make?