Jennifer Ney serves with Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone (WMFSL), an organization that strives to serve the vulnerable children and families in the Kroo Bay slum area of Freetown. The areas WMFSL is focusing on are education, discipleship and prevention of sexual abuse. Jennifer serves as a field director and helps lead a team of 15 staff, 14 of whom are Sierra Leoneans. WMFSL values building family-like relationships with those struggling with poverty in Kroo Bay, and Jennifer also spends time caring for vulnerable teenage girls so that they can experience holistic transformation in their lives and be a blessing as followers of Christ in their communities and in the world.

Stephen Ney volunteers with WMFSL and works on behalf of Global Scholars Canada for IFES, the global ministry to students and campuses to which Inter-Varsity Canada belongs. As an organizer, mentor, and speaker he seeks to help Christian students and scholars in Sierra Leone and across Africa to pursue the integration of their academic work with their theological thinking and spiritual living. He is excited to see – and longs to see more of – young Christian leaders in African countries who appropriate in their research and their professions the love, hope, and wisdom of God in Christ.