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Students who are part of Dove Onyx Programs know that they can count on each other. Chhy is one student who can attest to this. When he was driving his motorcycle to Phnom Penh one morning, a car drove him off the road. Chhy ended up sustaining serious head injuries, and ended up at a major hospital where his friends gathered to pray for him and to bring food for his recovery. 

His community showed up for him in a time when he really needed that support, and that shows how leadership is represented in this community. Leaders are the people who show up for their friends when they need them. The Onyx program at Dove is a community where people care for one another, and are willing to make sacrifices for each other. These young leaders will be (and already are) agents of change in their communities.

DOVE also hosts the Yes-ic drop-in centre in Phnom Penh, and some participants have shared such inspirational stories from the times they’ve engaged with this community. Students learn about the five love languages and gain skills to navigate their relationships with family and friends in a healthy way that reflects God’s love. Rith is a participant in programs at the Drop-in Centre in Kampong Thom. Since coming to the Drop-in Centre, he has learned and grown so much.

“I felt more comfortable and safe to share my story and appreciate those who share their stories, and I learnt so much from it too. I’m not alone… Even though I understand my pain better than before, sometimes all those aches keep coming back and stir inside me badly. I was encouraged by my friends at the groups and my personal mentor that it takes time to get healed and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. It’s the process of my recovery” – Rith

Dove programs support emerging young leaders in the development of their emotional and spiritual health. If you would like to find out more about Tenth Global's involvement with Dove and how you can support these programs, click here.