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Hi Tenth Kids! Join Pastor Laurence as he continues our January theme: The Presence of God: Revealed, and follow along in the video with your Activity Boxes! If you do not have an Activity Box yet, you may register for one here.



  • Know that Jesus mirrors God 
  • Learn that God was pleased with Him


  • Kids will make beautiful sun catchers using coffee filters  


  • Coffee filter 
  • Mini spray bottle with water 
  • Markers 


Laurence Vicencio has served at Tenth Church for the past 7 years, and has been the Preschool Pastor at Mt. Pleasant for the last 5 years. We are deeply grateful for his influence and evident love for parents and kids. Laurence has strong pastoral giftings and is very intentional and thoughtful in the way he expresses God’s love to others.  

As a result of recent reflections Laurence has sensed God calling into a season of change. He has made the difficult decision to leave his position at Tenth Church as the Preschool Pastor at Mt. Pleasant.  

The kids will continue to see Laurence in Tenth Kids videos until the last lesson in March where he will include a special message for the kids at the end. Since Laurence will be taking some vacation time, his last day in the office will be on Sunday, January 31st. If you would like to say goodbye in-person, he will be at the upcoming Activity Box refill pick up at Mt. Pleasant on Sunday, January 24th from 1-3 pm. So, if you and your family are available to drop by that day – he would love to see you!