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Would you like to help people in your community? Do you have a basic understanding of income tax? The Tenth Tax Clinic is recruiting for the following volunteer roles:

Tax Preparer

  • skilled in accounting and finance
  • minimum tax-filing experience of 3-4 years including their own tax returns
  • sensitive to the needs and realities of the individuals to be served
  • comfortable working with computers

Language Interpreter

  • fluent in English, and Arabic or Spanish
  • familiar with the Canadian tax system
  • attend meetings or appointments when available to interpret the information communicated
  • listen carefully and interpret information accurately without adding opinions or judgment

During March and April, Tenth offers a free virtual tax-filing service to lower-income individuals and families. This allows them to file their taxes correctly and on time, enabling them to access income boosting benefits. If you are interested in helping, or for any questions, please email

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