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God’s story in the Bible is the story of reconciliation. It is the story of mending the created world together and uniting us to him. Our stubborn independence from Him and each other has resulted in a world of trouble – and a world IN trouble. The church is designed to be an antidote to separation as we are literally a people group called together: to be united. Through Jesus and through the followers of Jesus, God is in the business of repairing brokenness. We are called to be united as a healing presence in the world. Journey together with your children this month as they deepen their understanding of Jesus’ first disciples and their own place as an integral part in the church body as the hands and feet… and mouth and heart of God.

Please partner with us at home to see a new generation of lifelong followers of Jesus.

1. Follow along in your Family Devotional Calendar. If you don’t have one, pick one up on Sunday!
2. Learn our ASL Memory Verse with Pastor Dan Matheson.
3. Sing our memory verse together, as written and recorded by Pastor Marissa Ochoa (download below and sing it at home, in your car, or as you play!)