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Yarrow Alliance Church is located in the heart of a community that has been significantly impacted by recent flooding. In response to this emergency, local churches have partnered in disaster and relief efforts, forming a Flood Relief Community Care Centre. Lead Pastor Shawn Vickar from Yarrow Alliance Church shares about the centre in this CBC News report (clip is from 9:51 - 12:16).

The Body of Christ has always been called to respond and come together to meet needs. In 2 Corinthians 8: 1-24, we read about the practice of taking up a "collection" in response to a natural disaster (in the case of 1 Corinthians, famine). The Apostle Paul invited churches to rally together in support of their sisters and brothers of faith in another place, as a practical expression of unity. Let’s consider how we can do likewise for our brothers and sisters of faith in a nearby region who are struggling. 

We will be giving $10,000 from the Benevolence Fund. You can donate to this fund to support the Flood Relief Community Care Centre hosted at Yarrow Alliance Church. Tenth Church has an opportunity to respond and we invite you to give generously towards the relief efforts by donating at In the drop-down menu, select "Benevolence Fund."

Donations supporting the Flood Relief Community Care Centre will help with the following:

  • Gas cards, grocery cards, and Walmart gift cards to people who are in need of basic essentials
  • Dumpsters, sump pumps, and rental of any work items needed
  • Dehumidifiers to the town as a whole to be used in helping families in need; industrial cleaners
  • Assistance with rent, utilities, and lodging for people as needs arise
  • Making cleaning kits available (industrial products) and financing the contracting of specialized contractors who can pump septic and basements
  • Fund counselling and childcare for families in need as they navigate clean up and/or process their losses


  • That the floodwaters would recede and that river levels would drop
  • For those that are displaced, have lost livelihoods, and have lost property
  • That God would draw near, bringing His peace and comfort to those that are desperate
  • For continued organization and connection of needs with resources
  • For this week’s forecasted additional 200mm of rain