Hi, Tenth Kids! Join Pastor Betsy as she wraps up our April theme: The Presence of God: Breaking Through, and follow along in the video with your Activity Boxes! If you do not have an Activity Box, you can find a list of materials used for our activties here.  



  • Learn the meaning of the Ascension event. Jesus remains alive in heaven – he did not die. It was not just Jesus’ spirit that ascended into heaven, his body did as well.  
  • Learn that Jesus’ Great Commission is to make disciples. 
  • Know that God’s presence – the Holy Spirit – is still with us today 


  • Make an outreach circle craft to learn about telling others about Jesus 


  • 3 different coloured and sized construction paper circles 
  • 1 paper plate 
  • Ribbon  
  • Markers 
  • Pencil / Eraser 
  • Scissors