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Security risks are often a reality for our refugee partners.  For this reason, we keep names changed and faces hidden.  We would ask that you respect confidentiality in all cases, and exercise wisdom in any online posts.

In January 2016, Tenth became aware of the increasing worldwide refugee crisis and restarted our support for refugees by walking alongside refugee claimants who have newly arrived in Canada. 

Today, we support dozens of refugees through our settlement teams under the guidance of Journey Home Community.

Learn from Naz how important a church like Tenth can be for refugees in this short video clip below.   

Not only has Naz appreciated the warmth and support from our refugee support team, but she has been a huge blessing to our community. 

Not only is the church important to refugees, but refugees are also very important to us - the church.  

There are many ways to walk alongside refugees with our team including friendship, talking in English, skill-building, cultural orientation, and settlement services. 

Start by signing up for the refugee newsletter, giving financial support, or taking a big step of friendship.