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What a year we've had together! We're so excited to get together one more time before summer break!

Students AND parents are welcome to join at 6 PM for a BBQ and to celebrate all this year has brought. After eating and playing, our students will head into the rest of the night while Pastor Aisling will create space for one more Parent Connect together to focus on end-of-the-year cheers & challenges! We'll Celebrate what’s gone well and imagine what it means to do our summer rhythms with a purpose.

The following Friday (June 21st), rather than gathering all together at our Mt. Pleasant site, our small groups will meet on their own for one last "hurrah" before the end of the year. Parents, please keep an eye out for any information from your teenager's leaders on information!

Following this, we will meet periodically over the summer to check in and connect. We're looking forward to seeing you on July 12th & 26, and August 9th & 23rd, especially our new friends who have just finished Grade 5!

Our Sunday CREO experiences will carry on throughout the summer. Please check with your Site's Youth Director for more information!

So glad we get to spend the summer with you!