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Friday, Oct 8, Grades 6-12 students

You're invited to participate in virtual CREO central crews on Zoom. Many of our students are plugged into small groups where they have fun with peers and leaders who care about them! You can message Pastor Ais with questions about getting your student included.

Upcoming Events 

CREO Central Event is Friday, October 15th. This is our next in person event night. We love providing a gathering where students can feel seen and celebrated! All the while we challenge them to grow in their love for God and for others. We meet in the MP Gym, 7-9pm. Youth from all Tenth sites are invited to attend.

Parent Resources: Parent Podcast Session 2

Often our kids are stressed for good reason.  Sometimes we ALL feel pressure as members of families, cultures, and friend groups. It's tempting to push people away and focus on our own fears and mistakes.  In Luke 5:1-11, one of the main characters of the gospel, Simon Peter, tries to do just that. But Jesus doesn't let him. Not only does Jesus reassure Simon that he (Jesus) is with him, he also reconnects Simon with those who were in the boat with him.

1) You can talk with your student this week about who is in their circle. In both this first-century story and our lives today, Jesus is forming a circle of people to take on a journey of new identity, a new way of interacting, and a new way of being with one another. Relationships can be hard.  Who is it your teens trust enough to stay connected? What relationships can we, as parents and caregivers, explore & support?

2)  "Faith in An Anxious World" Parenting Podcast Want more resources?  Check out session 2, as Brad Griffin interviews Dr. Joey Fung in this episode on relationships. Discover tips from Dr. Joey Fung, Fuller Associate Professor of Psychology, on healthy practices of mindfulness for teenagers and parents alike. 

3) Want to get involved? Parents, we invite you to let us know if you are able to help us in big and small ways with our CREO youth ministry, either at a particular site, or in our CREO central events. You can contact

Help Needed--Join Our CREO Team: 

  • CREO Central Friday Night Parent Snack Volunteers (purchase/snack handout)
  • CREO Central Crew assistants to support Friday small group leaders/ministry
  • CREO Sundays at MP helpers needed during services

CREO Site-Specific Happenings

  • Mount Pleasant kicked off a great start to CREO Sundays with Pastor Earlene. 
  • Kits is kicking off a Thursday Zoom series tonight with CREO leader, Zach. Every other week Kits CREO Sundays for Youth is happening as well. 
  • UBC/Point Grey participated Kindness Week and blessed students of all ages!
  • Evening site continues to build relationship with youth and kids. Want to join the team? Chat with Family Ministries Director, 
  • East Van continues Youth Alpha Sunday mornings with CREO leader, Aldrin. Great opportunities for youth discipleship are available at each of our sites!