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I wantws to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for joining us at our BBQ last Friday! Your presence and support made it a great night to cap our year off. Seeing our community come together (despite the weather being touch & go!) was very encouraging, we couldn't have done this year without you!

CREO will meet once more this Friday before a short break for one more Crew Night! Rather than us all meeting together, each of our small groups will be doing their own night to connect before summer break. Most of our groups have communicated what their plan will be to their students. If you're unsure where your teenager is supposed to be this Friday, please reach out!


As we look ahead to next year, your feedback is invaluable to us. CREO strives to be a place where students can encounter Christ in their identity, belonging, and purpose. Your input will guide us in planning a year that meets that vision in an engaging, enriching, and fun way for the students who come through our doors! Use the following links to help us look forward to what's next:

CREO Friday Parent Survey

CREO Friday Student Survey

CREO is all about creating spaces for students to discover Christ in belonging, identity, and purpose. Follow @creoyouth on Instagram or visit for updates.