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Servant Partners is piloting a 3-month online Certificate of Community Transformation (CTC) this fall. Participants receive online training and then practice what they learn in their local under-resourced neighbourhood. It is 12 weeks long and is totally free! Training will take place during alternating weeks of online cohort and in-person engagement in their local context. Servant Partners will provide one-on-one coaching with experienced community transformation leaders trained in coaching. There is a requirement of 3 hours minimum of engagement per week either with the cohort or in community engagement. 

The CTC is designed for:

  • Leaders who desire mutual transformation with marginalized neighbours, instead of adopting a charity model
  • Leaders ready for hands-on learning, co-creating innovative ministry approaches with neighbours
  • Leaders discerning long-term work alongside urban marginalized communities
  • Leaders who are eager to initiate potentially new relationships and can imagine co-creating a small responsive action with those in the community. 

Participants will:

  • Understand and practice deep listening (to God, the Community, and Self) as the central posture for effective community transformation
  • Embrace the Biblical call to urban community transformation through our 9 Signs of a Transforming Community framework
  • Engage spiritual practices that sustain incarnational community transformation by living out our Vision for Spirituality & Rule of Life
  • Learn SP’s key strategies (encouraging Jesus communities, community organizing, leadership development, building partnerships) and how they could be used in their own context
  • Develop and facilitate a community listening project that reveals community strengths and assets
  • Design and launch a community-based project informed by the listening project
  • Discern their personal contribution and next steps for incarnational community transformation  

To learn more or to apply, visit: