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The initial challenges or issues for me joining a group were mostly personal – predominantly founded on fear. With a history of feeling let down by others and having an idealistic idea of what a thriving community is like, I was always set-up to be let down. Self-preservation and protection presented initial challenges for me to trust a group of people to stay committed to agreed upon expectations of community.

In an attempt to be kinder and more gracious to myself and others, I realized there was much to gain through joining a group. Is my life group perfect? It certainly is not. Nor does it need to be. I have grown with these people in different topics and have experienced God’s leading and workings in our short journey so far. There have been many lessons thus far. The one that has stood out so far is examining my expectations. Critically reflecting on whether expectations are realistic and whether they are self-centered. Another lesson is understanding how God is present in everything through our life group, and the purpose of these groups is to journey with one another to gain a greater closeness with Jesus.

- Ken Wong

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