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Here’s a little secret of mine: when I first became a Christian several years ago, I never read the Bible. I was extremely intimidated by the Word and I never made it a priority. I figured, if I believed in Jesus and had a solid relationship with God, that was enough – and it was; for a little while.  As I matured as a Christian and I learned how to live out my faith, I felt a hunger for God that couldn’t be filled by simply being part of a Christian community alone. I longed to know more about Yahweh, my God. I wanted to know more about His character and His heart.  I wanted to understand my history and my purpose.  I wanted to confirm His promises to us firsthand. 

When I found out Tenth was offering the course ‘the Old Testament Overview’, I jumped at the chance.  It’s a great virtual class where the teacher helps unfold the Bible before you in a chronological, sensical order.  The class is really chill – you can be as laid back or as keen as you want to be.  There’s plenty of room for questions and answers, and some small groups go together and use that as their basis for discussion when class is over.

If you ever had a goal to get closer to God, what better way is there than studying His Word with a group of like-minded people?

- Kathleen Au

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