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 John Williams, our Pastor of Worship and Arts, will be leaving Tenth at the end of the summer. John has faithfully led Worship and Arts at Tenth for the past 13 years. Working with many musicians and artists, he has helped bring our worship to life. John has included a diversity of musical styles and instrumentation in our communal worship, paralleling the broad diversity of people in our congregation as well as the global church. Over the years, John has incorporated many musical genres including gospel, contemporary choral, classic hymns, soul, folk, jazz, classical, and orchestral selections, while also introducing original arrangements and songs he or members of our community have composed.  John has served as the dedicated, creative leader of our spectacular Christmas Concerts, Lent and Easter Services which have blessed people within and beyond our church.  

In John’s own words:

It has been an incredible privilege to draw in and engage the numerous and diverse talented people from our community in our worship life: among you are musicians of many kinds, painters, poets, actors, songwriters, graphic artists, dancers, choreographers, photographers, choristers, decorators, videographers, sound engineers, lighting designers, and more, each with your own unique, God-given artistic gifts and styles.  To see you find expression of your gifts as acts of worship in our community in suitable ways has been beautiful, fulfilling and life-giving for me, and I hope also for you and for our community and beyond. Thanks to the many singers among you who have sung in the choir and vocal ensemble; you inspire participation, harmony, and joyful Spirit-filled passion in our community singing, and worshipping God with you has been an honour and delight. Together with all of you, musicians of all kinds throughout the church, it has been a joy and privilege to help foster a global perspective in our worship life, to help draw on the best of worship music globally past and present, while also encouraging new music from within our church, all for the glory of God.
Read John's full letter to the community. 

As John prepares to embark on a new chapter in his life, please pray he and his wife Dorothy and their children Rachel, Wesley, and Jessica, may follow and trust God’s leading and experience his peace in their new journey.