We encourage reconciliation among people of different races, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, generations, and genders.

What is reconciliation?


  1. the restoration of friendly relations.
  2. the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.

For many people, the history and truth revolving around First Nations/Indigenous peoples and residential schools is something that may be overwhelming, shocking, and or an area of lack of awareness and education. But thanks to the historic Truth & Reconciliation Commission (2009-2015), we are able to have our eyes opened and exposed to the tragic history and legacy of our country’s Indian Residential Schools and their ongoing effects on First Nations communities and peoples.

Our good friend Mark Buchanan (author, professor, former pastor) spoke about Truth & Reconciliation at Tenth. In an hour, Mark shares about his own experience in trying to address Canada’s, and especially the Canadian church’s, historic wrongs committed against First Peoples, and specifically explores ways that churches and Christians might respond to the Calls to Action that emerged from the TRC.

Hear Mark Buchanan's Truth & Reconciliation sermon.

But what is the next step? What is our part to play in reconciliation?

Join us here at Tenth as we journey together in becoming more aware, educated, and equipped to ensure justice and reconciliation for our First Nation/Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Debbie Hawker | Director of Local Community Engagement