It has been 13 years since Tenth Church started walking alongside Cambodia. Years after a horrific genocide, Cambodia continues to face significant challenges including one of the highest percentages of slavery in the world.  

We believe that Tenth Church continues to have an important role in supporting vulnerable women and children in Cambodia. Through collaborative and strategic partnerships, we can reduce exploitation and empower Christian leaders to do justice and loving acts for those oppressed. Through Joining Hands for Justice, over the next 3 years we will provide resources and financial support to Alongsiders, Precious Women, Chab Dai in addition to our ongoing support of our Cambodia partners.   

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Partner Organizations

Alongsiders International

"We equip compassionate young Christians in poor nations to walk alongside those who walk alone." For Alongsiders International, the answer to transforming a nation is through mentoring the next generation. Each alongsider loves and encourages a little brother or sister in their own community. 

Shalom Valley is an exciting new project for Alongsiders Cambodia. Many children living in poverty have never had the chance to laugh and play in the ocean or at camp. Shalom Valley will be the very first Christian camp and retreat centre in Cambodia. This place of peace will allow the people of Cambodia to experience new depths of God's love and joy. Learn more about the vision for Shalom Valley.

Consider joining Tenth Church in supporting Shalom Valley. Please select 'Cambodia' on your donation. 


Chab Dai

"It takes a network to bring down a network." Chab Dai is a network of 55 Christian organizations committed to combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia. Through coalition building, community prevention, advocacy and research, Chab Dai works collaborativley with partners. Chab Dai (which means 'joining hands' in Khmer) is effectively addressing trafficking and exploitation. 


Precious Women

A grassroots organization, Precious Women empowers women who have been exploited in the entertainment industry. Solida Seng, a courageous Cambodian leads this organization. Precious Women envisions a future where Cambodia women are employed in environments free of exploitation. Young women learn skills to gain meaningful employment outside of the sex industry. When treated with dignity, these precious women thrive. 


 Patrick Elaschuk | Pastor of International Missions