CreoWorship is the sound and worship team of CreoPeople.

CW leads at Experience Night, Young Adult Worship Gatherings, Sundays throughout the year and across a variety of platforms in the city.

"Why did Christ come? In order that He might make worshippers out of rebels."
- A.W Tozer

 We are a group of local musicians & artists, songwriters & poets, all apart of the CREO community. We've got ONE passion and ONE heart behind our songs: JESUS. Our aim is to glorify Him in every piece of arranging, producing and song writing and to collectively enter into His presence.

 Worship is not about singing songs once or twice a week, it's about walking in step with the Spirit: it's our "normal employment" as moral beings (ps.145:1-2). Worship is feeling & knowing in the heart, and expressing the wonder & awe of our King (ps.145:5-7). It's a conversation with the One who knows us best, and a humbled response to His love for us; a song for the God who is already singing over us (ps.145:20).

   Our sound is all about reaching our inner city (ps.145:18-19): with songs and lyrics that are not only relevant to all people of all ages, but also carry a strong biblical foundation. We want what we create to reflect our Creator; we want to do Him justice (ps.145:10-12).  Perfection is not our culture, but excellence is. We believe that God has fully equipped us with the gifts & talent needed in order to be effective (ps.145:15-16). In the end, on-stage or off-stage, we're all just people in need of His grace...let us never forget that.