Contemplative prayer is a form of prayer that we are trying to grow in at Tenth Church. Most of us tend not to be so good at this form of prayer, and yet we believe that it is an important way of connecting with God. It is a way of praying that dips us into the silence of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In our contemporary society we have all become, as Clement of Alexandria says, like old shoes – all worn out except for the tongue. Contemplative prayer helps to move us from our addiction to words, to silence. This is a difficult thing in our society, and yet a necessary thing.

If you would like to grow in this area of prayer, plan to come to any of our four contemplative prayer events throughout the year (generally held every three months). We meet as a group, receive some teaching on a contemplative prayer form then go through a prayer practice together. At the end, there is time for group debriefing and questions. We would love to have you join in!

Centering Prayer with Pastor Ken Shigematsu

Silent Prayer Retreat

Lenten Lectio Divina

Hearing God Retreat