A Future and a Hope - October 25, 2020


Text: Jeremiah 29:11-14  


1. If life is like two railroads of good and bad circumstances instead of a journey through hills (good) and then followed by valleys (bad), what good things can you give thanks for during this time amidst all the bad?

2. If you have placed your life in Christ's hands, you will ultimately prevail, whether in this life or the next. How does that make you feel?

3. If ultimately one day prevailing does not bring you a sense of hope and peace, what would you need to know, for you to feel hopeful?

4. Read Jeremiah 29:11-13. To seek God with all our heart is the most sane thing to do if we believe that our ultimate good comes from being conformed to Christ's likeness. What does your response to question 5 reveal about the state of your heart and mind?

5. What would it mean for you to seek God with all your heart in this season? What would it require for you to do and change?