Jesus never asked his followers to remember His birth. However, He did instruct them to remember His death and resurrection. He gave the church two visible symbols (called “sacraments” or “ordinances”) as reminders of His death. They are baptism and communion.

When people choose to attach their lives to Christ, our church has followed the long Christian tradition of baptising people—immersing them in water—as a sign of identifying with Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus himself was baptised by John in the Jordan River.

Baptisms are held at any of our Sunday services or during our Ocean Baptism Services at Kits Beach.

In order to be included in the next baptism, please complete this form and submit it least 10 days before your baptism.

Check out our recent baptism videos below. Vist our Tenth Church Vimeo page to see even more!




Contact Andrew Cheung, our Community Life Pastor, to learn more about baptism.