EPIC Magazine

EPIC Magazine

Epic Magazine is Tenth Church's in-house publication.

All of our blog pieces and articles have now moved to an online format, but you can still browse our Epic archives in the menu to your left.

 In every issue, you will find stories of hope from our community, and articles that will both educate and inspire.

Our themed issues usually enhance topics that were first introduced at our weekly Sunday gatherings.




Sharing My Cheese and Crackers

3rd Service attendee and engineering student Emily Dressel shares a brief adventure in trusting God with her finances. Journey along with her through the months as she records—with humour and honesty—her experience... Read More


Vancouver’s stony soil: The church in the secular city

A recently retired theologian in Van­couver, British Columbia, tells a story about a conversation he once had while getting his hair cut. The stylist asked what he did, and he replied, “I teach theology.” “Really?... Read More