Creation Care

Creation Care

Let's reflect God's nature...and take care of God's nature.

Caring for creation is not a passing trend or political card to be played, but rather central to the biblical story and integral to our Christian faith. As followers of Christ at Tenth Church, we want to be people that lead the way in caring for God’s good world.

We believe that humankind was made in the image of God, therefore, we are meant to reflect His nature. He created us in His image to care for the earth. The Psalmist declares, the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. We have been given a biblical mandate to steward well the earth, and while we are not doing this perfectly, it is something we believe in, and are participating with God in ushering in His Kingdom.

We would love for you to join us!

We have a creation care team that is active in our church community and the neighbourhood, trying to live out this mandate to care well for God’s world. 

Every year, we celebrate Good Seed Sunday in the spring. And in 2013, we published this special Earth Day issue of our magazine, EPIC

Questions? Ask Dennis.