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Our Rhythms workshops explore the missional practices of Jesus and the outward movement of the church into the world. We hope to establish new rhythms in our lives that help us to go on a mission with God to our neighbours, colleagues, families, classmates, and even to the ends of the world. We invite you to come along for the journey.

In Acts 10, two people have two dreams, 21 hours apart. It's a moment of interruption, orchestrated by God, and it changes the course of history. In the interruption, God blows the doors off conventional views of who's in and who’s out and he woos his servants to step into a messy world. And the little secret beneath it all, while Jesus doesn’t show up in the story, his fingerprints are all over it.

Questions? Ask Abe.

Speaker: Andy Lambkin

Andy Lambkin planted a network of house churches in 2006 in the Vancouver area ( and has been with this movement ever since. He serves as a director with The Nest Housing Society, whose vision is to help churches use under-utilized land to house people in need. He also helps plant churches across our beautiful province. Rooted in North Vancouver with his wife of 20 years Andy has four kids ages 15 to 8.