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Wednesdays, May 16 - June 13 | 7-9:15pm 

We live through the weekly rhythms of Sunday worship and small group experiences.

They bind us together and to God, but how many of our regularly expected habits, our rhythms, propel us outward to demonstrate the love and life of God to others? 

Rhythms is a 5-week journey exploring the adventure of living a missional life. Join us as we discover the missional practices of Jesus. As you engage and practice these rhythms, they will change your life.

As a learning community we’ll be using “Surprise the World: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People” by renowned missiologist Michael Frost as a field guide.  See below for a short video from Michael Frost (via Crossover Australia), helping to explain what the course will be about.  The experience of engaging these rhythms will change your life by instilling basic habits (like flossing or making your bed!) that help you live in an outward-facing way.

We meet in the Upper East Hall from 7-9:15pm on Wednesdays. Come in via Entrance E in the parking lot.