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Every year, we have an incredible opportunity to be together as a church family and spend a weekend away from our regular routines of life so we can make space for God and for each other. It let's stop, rest and be refreshed to listen to God is saying to each of us personally and our community. This year, we are heading back to Charis Camp and we are looking forward to having you all with us over the May Long Weekend! 

Kimberley Morrison will be our guest speaker. She is a professor at Columbia Bible College and has a deep passion for the everyday local church and is all about learning how the culture of heaven can be brought closer to the cultures of the earth.

We're keen for everyone from our community to be able to come. So, whether you're brand new or you've been around for a long time, we'd love to share in this important weekend away together. If there are any obstacles that prevent you from coming (ie. time, money, transportation) we'd be happy to find ways to make this retreat work for you; just email [email protected]

So, come spend the weekend together at Charis Camp!

Questions? Ask Nathan.