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Part of the MP community and want to connect in a casual and socially distanced way? Come join us then Saturday morning for a bike ride! Space is limited so please register and secure your spot!

Please Read Below Some Cycling Recommendations and Rules Checklist:

  • Be sure to have a good tune-up of your bike before the cycling
  • Always check the weather to dress appropriately, layers always good
  • Bring adequate water and small snack/ bars to refuel especially for rides more than an hour-long
  • Always wear a helmet.  Ensure your tires have the appropriate tire pressures before a ride.  Pack an extra tire tube, patch kit in case you have a flat.  A bike warning bell is recommended.
  • Always obey all traffic laws, including stop signs at intersections, and using hand signals to indicate what direction you are turning.  Always shoulder check, and communicate with other riders if you are passing them.  Yield to passengers and other vehicles.
  • Do not use your phone, or wear headphones while cycling as this unsafe on the road
  • Always maintain a good social distance from another cyclist (1 bike length at least).  Be aware of updated covid restrictions and recommendations
  • Try to ride in a single file unless we have a full lane to ourselves without any cars behind us.  Always stay on the furthermost lane to the right.  Maintain a good distance from parked cars and beware of someone opening their car door.  
  • Everyone will need to sign and submit a health waiver before the ride.

Bike Fit

For more information on Biking comfort and Bike Fit

Carman, a registered physiotherapist is offering free (by-donation) bike fittings on Saturday, May 1st in the afternoon. You can contact him at if you are interested in a bike fit (by appointment only).