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Justice Journeys support Tenth's vision where people of all different backgrounds can discover Christ while belonging to a community of spiritual transformation that seeks social justice for all.  

Justice Journeys are short-term intentional missional experiences that support Tenth’s strategic long-term partners in the spirit and practices of Tenth’s values and vision.   

We are delighted to have such a remarkable partner as Rancho El Camino in La Paz Mexico which emulates Tenth's vision and values and provides healthy and high impact experiences for Tenth.  

In 2025, we will send 2 trips to La Paz where we will: 

  • Stand with our partner - Rancho El Camino as we experience Mexico and participate in the Ranch Way of Life.
  • Live together on a real ranch where the Kingdom of God is lived out in a practical way.
  • Get out of our comfort zones and experience God at work in a rural community.
  • Share our skills and experiences to help support Rancho El Camino and the community it serves.

Mexico Community Development, Business is Mission | February 2025 Reading Break

  • Supporting Racho El Camino in community development projects
  • Dates: February 16-24, 2025 (to be confirmed)
  • Cost: app $2200
  • Registration: Opens August 10, 2024

See PowerPoint presentation - 2025 Justice Journeys to Mexico

Info for Family Friendly Spring Break Journey - March 17-24, 2015

Next Steps:

  1. Pray – Ask God and those close to you about Justice Journey timing and location. 
  2. Get on the listFill out this short form to get you on our radar and we will share with you the application process.  

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