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Our theology tells us that God should be worshipped as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end and the center of our lives. But in our experience, most of us find our perspective sliding to having ourselves at the center…and asking God to hopefully bless these wonderful little plans we have made. He is a helpful accessory, not the Lord enthroned.

The challenges of the pandemic season have shaken us all to the core. What can I be sure of? Will I be enough? Self-centred living breeds insecurity and anxiety, not the peace and joy we are longing for.

Join us for this evening of practical teaching and accessible exercises exploring three doable prayer practices that re-enthrone God at the center of our lives: Welcoming Prayer in the morning, Gratitude at midday, and Releasing Prayer at bedtime. Simple but profoundly transformative, these ancient practices re-establish God as God and us as His broken-but-beloved children…called to play a small but significant part in His great Redemption Plans. In doing so, we will re-expand our world to something bigger than what we can manage, and re-center on something greater than our strategies and preferences.

Speaker: Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is the former Pastoral Team Leader of Marineview Chapel Vancouver and now full-time Whole Life Coach and Spiritual Director. Mark serves leaders in business and ministry around the world, including some at Tenth!, by creating space to hear what God is saying and facilitating a deep surrender to His love. He is passionate about connecting our inner prayer experience with external relationships and practical advocacy for justice.

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